On this page, I will be posting news items pertinent to the Langford Resort Hotel. Today's item is a note by Joy Dickinson writing about the upcoming exhibition of the Winter Park Historical Society which opens June 7, 2018. Plan to attend the opening and make sure you read Joy's column in the Orlando Sentinel every Sunday on the backpage of the comics.

       For the past four months, I have had an opportunity to review further documents on the Langford family from the beginning in Chicago at the first Del Prado Hotel up to the Langford Resort Hotel in Winter Park. It is a fascinating story of One Hundred Years of Hospitality by one family. Further interviews with members of the Langford Family are planned, and I hope to put together a prequel to the Langford documentary and maybe a printed booklet. Check out the Langford Family Album under the Photos tab of this site.

       About a month ago, I was able to locate Roger Worden who was a piano man at the Langford in the 80s and 90s. Roger fixed and tuned the Yamaha upright piano from the hotel that is on exhibit at the History Museum. At 84, he is still very active playing piano and restoring and tuning older pianos. I may want to work on a shorter video on the Langford Bar which was such an important part of the hotel and of Winter Park.

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