Contributors to the Making of the Documentary

Eduard Gfeller is a resident of Winter Park, retired psychiatrist, who keeps busy with video production. Starting in 2010, he collected VHS tapes, images, articles on the Langford Resort Hotel and started filming interviews with people who were familiar with the Hotel's history. He is the sole producer of the documentary. He and his wife Joan, lived on Chase Avenue in close proximity to the hotel.

Gerry Langford Liff is the daughter of Robert E Langford, and the CEO of the Langford Corporation. Gerry was the General Manager of the Hotel from 1985-2000. She was a wonderful interviewee and supported the production of the documentary at every step. We thank her for her many contributions without which the project would not have been possible.

Robert L Langford is the youngest child and only son of Robert E Langford. He was the VP at the Langford Hotel. Bobby agreed to talk about the location of the various buildings on the (then empty) Langford Hotel site. His contribution is gretly appreciated.

Mike Mackiewicz is the owner of Branch Management Tree Care in Sanford, Florida. He was on a job on New England Avenue, the day we filmed Bobby Langford on the old hotel site. Mike asked what we were doing, and was agreeable to talk about his Langford Resort Hotel experience on camera when he and his wife had their wedding reception at the hotel.

Peter Schreyer is a documentary photographer and CEO of the Crealde School of Art in Winter Park. In 2012, he had an exhibit at the Winter Park History Museum of black and white photographs of scenes from Winter Park including the Langford Resort Hotel. Peter graciously agreed to talk about a photo shoot he had at the hotel in 2000 and to let us use his photographs in the movie. His comments form an integral part of the movie and illuminate the close relationships that Winter Park citizens had with the hotel.

Dale Burke was the music director at the Langford Resort Hotel from 1968 to 1973. At 83, he continues to enjoy a successful music career. He now lives in South Carolina where we met him and his wife JoAnn. He reminisced about his years at the Langford at the Case Piano Company in Spartanburg, SC while improvising on one of their 9 ft Steinway Grand Pianos. Dale's contribution is very much appreciated. He has a wonderful sense of humor.

The Morgan Family moved to New Smyrna Beach in 1956. They made frequent trips to the Langford Resort Hotel for dinner, dancing and to take in a show. Shelia and John Henry Morgan were kind enough to talk about their experiences at the hotel and tell us about the Empire Room from the guest's perspective. Their interview is very much appreciated.

Eric Liff was the trusted Production Assistant throughout the project. He lugged around equipment, lights, and whatever needed to be done without complaint. He did always ask for a raise, though, at the beginning of every shoot. Since the raises were in % and the salary was $ 0.00 per hour, he never even made minimum wage. His dedicated service was instrumental in getting the movie done. Sadly, Eric passed away a couple of years ago.

Special thanks to John Lynn and all the other instructors at GeniusDV who helped me understand and use camera equipment and editing programs and assisted with constructive criticism throughout the project.

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