The Langford

Resort Hotel

Winter Park Florida


Robert E Langford decided to build a Resort Hotel in Winter Park, FL in 1955. Most residents didn't think it would make it, but for almost 50 years, The Langford became the center of social activities for this small Central Florida town. Parents of Rollins College students stayed at the Langford. Retired industrialists and their wives from New England and the Midwest spent their Winters there. Townspeople held club meetings and weddings. The restaurant had an excellent reputation, and Mr. Langford kept the Empire Room busy with musicians and entertainers for years. And behind the Olympic Swimming Pool there was a Zoo, and later the Shangri-La Spa.

Robert E Langford

From 2010-2014, we collected video, images, other documents and filmed a series of interviews to document the story of the Langford Resort Hotel and the Langford Family.

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